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20 Mountaineering Puns That Will Peak Your Interest

We think these mountain puns are going to be right up your valley

Mountaineering puns that will have you reaching for the oxygen

Puns are the salt of the comedic universe. Go overboard with them, and you’ll ruin the flavour of an entire evening. Refuse to use them at all and you’re staring straight down the barrel of a bland and boring social occasion.

In the past, we’ve done running puns, travel puns, ski and snowboard punsmountain bike puns and beach puns (to name a few). Until now though, we’ve never done mountain puns. We wanted to change that and so, without further ado, please stick on your crampons and join us as we ascend this laughter-spewing hill together. It’s less of a mountain, and more of a ‘lol-cano’.

1) The part of my head I use for listening keeps climbing Mont Blanc. What can I say? It’s a mountain-ear

2) Is it me or do the Andes look different these days?

3) What’s a mathematician’s favourite part of a mountain? The summit

4) The mountains in Switzerland are incredible. And their flag is a big plus as well

5) I hate the weather on Welsh mountains, I always get Snowdon

6) A fish that works in the construction industry managed to climb the highest mountain in England. Scaffold Pike

7) I’m climbing every mountain in the world except the highest… I don’t Ever-rest

8) What mountain belongs in an orchestra? The MatterHORN

9) How did the wife know her mountaineering husband was cheating on her? She caught Himalayan about it more than once

10) According to reports, Dwayne Johnson is looking to buy property in Colorado… he should try the Rocky Mountains

11) What mountain in the Himalayas loves ballet? K22 (tutu)

12) Did you hear about the monster who eats wandering mountain walkers? Apparently it’s his favourite type of trail mix 

13) Who was the mountain’s favourite singer? Cliff Richard

14) Solving problems in the mountains is easy. It really Alps to clear your head

15) I was going to make another mountain pun but I can’t think of summit

16) My friend didn’t believe me when I said I was going to climb Kilimanjaro. “Actions peak louder than words,” they told me

17) The mountain climber was doing so well but was eventually grind to a fault

18) There’s snow place like the mountains in winter


19) Fancy a climb? Mount me in

20) You need to wrap up on mountains or you’ll catch a fold…

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