Night Running

Night Running

Invest in a torch


Yes we know that sounds a bit obvious but a head torch will make the difference between an enjoyable evening jaunt and a tripping traipse over the terrain.

A decent one will set you back anywhere between £30 - £200 but once you get out there in the pitch darkness you’ll be thankful you made the investment.

Trip hazards


Get reflective


Sound advice for any runner who likes a jog in the dying light; be seen with gear designed to catch the eye - not least the eyes of motorists when on those country roads.

Our favourite bits of kit include compression tops with reflective strips, snap bands, light spurs, and neon running shoes & jackets. There's even reflective spray paint in a can to modify your existing gear.

Embrace your inner-werewolf


Learn to get lost


Get layered up


It’s great training for Night Races


Feel the speed


Satisfaction guaranteed


One of the best runs you do


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