Best Ski Gloves For 2023 | Buyer’s Guide

From adventure-focused to genuinely affordable, these are the year's top gloves for skiing and snowboarding

If you’re skiing in the mountains this winter, you’re going to need some ski gloves or ski mitts to keep your hands warm. The main advantage of ski gloves over ski mitts is the improved finger dexterity. Naturally, it’s far easier to fiddle with things like zips and ski accessories when each of your digits is able to move independently.  The main downside of ski gloves compared to ski mitts, meanwhile, is that they tend to offer a bit less warmth for the wearer. This is because the fingers are unable to share your body heat amongst themselves in that way they can when they’re sharing a single mitt compartment.

For the reasons stated above, some skiers and snowboarders favour lobster mitts / three-finger mitts. Their unique-looking design (see the Dakine X Sammy Carlson Team Baron GTX Trigger Mitt) is seen by certain snow sport enthusiasts as being an effective way of balancing out the relative advantages and disadvantages of ski gloves and ski mitts. For this guide though, we’ve decided to focus fully on the best ski gloves that money can buy. From affordable ski gloves, for casual one-trip a season types, to more advanced ski gloves, made with expert-level skiers in mind, this rundown has got the lot.

Best Ski Gloves For 2023

Before purchasing anything from this list, be sure to check out our guide to choosing ski gloves first. This will help to ensure you’re definitely making the right choice for your hands this winter.

What Should You Look For In Ski Gloves?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to buying ski gloves. Different skiers will always want slightly different things, depending on their areas of interest. Something to consider though is making sure you get the balance right between warmth and dexterity. Of course, you want your hands to be cosy on the slopes. That goes without saying. However, if the glove has been built only with that in mind you might struggle to grip your ski poles or carry out relatively simple tasks. Getting a glove that can tick both of these boxes is especially important if you’re planning on going ski touring. It needs to have good insulation, of course, but that shouldn’t come at the expense of functionality.

Another thing to consider when purchasing a ski glove is how durable they are. More budget options are likely to not be as tough, and be made from less hardy materials. If you’re only planning to knock about inside the resort boundaries for a week this winter, this won’t be a problem. In uncertain economic times, there’s a lot to be said for saving the pennies where you can. However, if you’re serious about ski touring through wooded areas and generally taking on more extreme terrain then you should consider investing in a glove that’s built to last and which won’t fall apart on you when you’re a long way from shelter. You can’t go wrong with goat leather, in this respect. 

Black Diamond Impulse Gloves

Reasons to buy it: Bombproof, dexterous, warm

Temperature Range: -20 / -4 °C

Weight (Pair): 266.3 g

Price: £150 / $170

Size: XS-XL


When describing ski gloves, the adjective ‘bombproof’ gets thrown around quite a lot. Sometimes, the use of this word is justified. Sometimes, it isn’t. In the case of the Black Diamond Impulse Gloves, we’re happy to report that it’s the former not the latter. Considering this product has come from the team at Black Diamond, genuine experts when it comes to ski touring and the backcountry, we’re not surprised in the least bit.

Finding a pair of ski gloves you can rely on in -20°C to keep your hands warm, and which are still dexterous enough to rig up an abseil high in the alpine, isn’t the easiest task. Many gloves out there either can’t hack the stresses of constant use, or simply don’t offer adequate insulation for ‘real’ winter conditions. This is where the Impulse Glove comes in.

“Wrapped in goat leather, and set up in a way that brings together durability and dexterity”

Black Diamond has implemented a premium build quality here. The glove is wrapped in goat leather, and set up in a way that brings together durability and dexterity under the same flag. The dexterity of the glove is particularly impressive when you consider the sheer amount of insulating and waterproofing properties that’s been packed into them.

The Impulse Gloves are housing 200g PrimaLoft Gold Cross Core on the back of them. Gold Cross Core is an insulation material that combines regular PrimaLoft material with AeroGel (the same stuff they use to warm NASA spacesuits). It works brilliantly. On the palms, you’re looking at two-layers of leather to boost durability in a high wear area. Sitting under this beefed-up part of the glove, you’ve got 80 grams of PrimaLoft’s Gold Eco Insulation with ‘Grip Control’.

Factor in the EVA panelling, for additional reinforcement, and the highly waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane that sits beneath the tough leather outer, and you’re left looking at something that feels ready to beat back whatever the mountains throw at them. They’re not the cheapest gloves by any stretch but if you are serious about really getting out there, and making the most of the terrain, it’s an investment worth making.

Outdoor Research Revolution Under Cuff GTX Glove

Reasons to buy it: Touchscreen compatible, warm and protective, good grip

Weight: 184 g

Price: $70

Size: S-XL


You don’t need us to tell you that when it comes to making great ski gloves, Outdoor Research are masters of their art. The scientific approach the brand brings to kit creation, and the levels they go to prove it works in the environments you need it to work, means that whenever you ski about while rocking their logo you’re able to do so in the knowledge that your hands are in a good place. Take the Outdoor Research Revolution Under Cuff Gore-Tex glove, for example. It’s a top bit of gear, at an extremely reasonable price point. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Let’s talk about it more.

“When it comes to making great ski gloves, Outdoor Research are masters of their art”

Bringing all the features of the new Revolution II Gloves, with an undercuff design that layers nicely beneath your jacket to trap warmth and keep snow out, we’ve got no doubts whatsoever that you’ll appreciate what this product can bring to your mountain time this winter. It’s an item with the protective qualities of Gore-Tex; an item that combines this with the insulating warmth of EnduraLoft.

We like the feel of the polyurethane diamond grip palm on this glove. The sense of reassuring grip it provides the wearer feels like a step up from many other options we’ve tried. With these on your hands, you’re far less likely to clumsily let go of your poles or tools at an inopportune moment. Their updated design delivers better dexterity and a more comfortable fit. What’s more, the gloves are touchscreen compatible; meaning you can check your maps, read your messages, and take some photos for your social media accounts all without having to take your hands out, and make them cold, in the process.

Dakine Team Phoenix GTX Glove – Kazu Kokubo

Reasons to buy it: Excellent backcountry performance, reliable Gore-Tex technology, warm Primaloft Gold insulation, bonus points for styling

Price: $200

Size: S-XL


Even if these Dakine gloves were absolutely useless in terms of performance (they’re not, they’re brilliant), we’d have still been tempted to include them on aesthetics alone. It seems mad to describe ski gloves as ‘works of art’ but, in this instance, you’ll have to give us a bit of rope and allow it. They really are beautiful.

In terms of their practicality out in the backcountry, you’ll be delighted to discover that the Team Phoenix offers a high level of storm protection, warmth and breathability. It’s essentially packing all the ingredients that extremely cool Japanese snowboarder Kazu Kokubo needs when he’s mucking about in the deep stuff. Everything comes together. 

“The durable leather palms feel ready to beat back whatever the world throws at you”

The glove houses a Gore-Tex liner that’s both waterproof and breathable. Thanks to Gore Active technology, this is a product that’s packing all the added breathability and storm protection that you’ll need when you’re outside the boundaries of a ski resort. It’s also boasting Primaloft Gold insulation (100% recycled polyester) and a soft wool lining. This combination will keep you hands warm in all manner of conditions, even when you’re really pushing things in terms of exploration. The durable leather palms feel ready to beat back whatever the world throws at you, but not in a way that has a negative impact on dexterity. All in all, Dakine has done a wonderful job with this glove. 

If you are serious about regularly getting away from the lift lines and out into fresh powder this winter, look no further than this item discussed above. It’s undoubtedly one of the more pricey options listed here but it will deliver a return on your investment, and then some, in terms of performance. 

Quiksilver Cross Glove Snow Gloves

Reasons to buy it: Affordable, good budget option, comfortable, recycled polyester

Price: £32

Size: S-L


In these uncertain economic times, it’s understandable that not everyone likes the idea of forking out £150 for a pair of ski gloves. Aimed at the skiers and snowboarders who spend a week cruising about the blue and red runs of a ski resort every winter, there’s this perfectly decent option from the team at Quiksilver. It’s available for £32 from Surfdome, and will serve you well if you’re not that fussed about going out of bounds. This ski glove is also ideal for beginners looking to buy their own kit for the first time. 

“Built with the more casual skier in mind, this product feels like something of a steal”

You’ve got faux leather on the palms, recycled polyester on the back of the hands, and WarFlight insulation (fill weight: 170g) keeping things cosy on the inside. The cosy, comfort-first, feeling is enhanced further by the micro fleece lining. There’s not a bunch else to discuss with this particular ski glove but we like the fit of these, and appreciate the smart implementation of adjustable wrist straps and nose/goggle wipe thumb panel. 

Probably not a ski glove that’s going to win any trade show awards this one, but that’s OK. For just over £30, and built with the more casual skier in mind, this product feels like something of a steal. Nice bit of work from Quiksilver, we think. 


Black Diamond Guide Glove

Reasons to buy it: Tough, warm, protective, built to last

Price: £160 / €160 / $180

Size: S-L


The hardcore skiers who really know their ski gear will already be familiar with Black Diamond’s excellent glove work. For those not up to speed on the brand however, just know that Black Diamond is one of the best around when it comes to delivering durability and warmth in ski gloves. The Black Diamond Guide Glove perfectly underlines this sentiment.

Within its confidence-enhancing tough exterior, the Black Diamond Guide Glove contains a combination of PrimaLoft synthetic and thick boiled wool in the removable liner. As a double act to keep your hands cosy on cold days spent skiing in the mountains, it’s an absolutely outstanding one. When you consider the extent to which this items positions itself in off-piste terrain, you’ll also be glad to know the Guide Glove design is fully waterproof with a Gore-Tex insert.

“Hardcore skiers who really know their ski gear will already be familiar with Black Diamond’s excellent glove work”

The shell of the glove is a mixture of goat leather, suede leather, and nylon. As soon as you place your hands in these abrasion-resistant gloves, you get an overwhelming sense from them that they’ve been designed to feel like you’re wearing indestructible bunkers. The benefit of this is that you can head out into extreme terrain in extreme weather conditions, safe in the knowledge that your hands are being taken care of. The downside of the glove’s design, for some at least, will be reduced finger dexterity – something that’s especially noticeable when you’re first breaking them in.

The Black Diamond Guide is one of the most popular ski gloves on the market and, quite frankly, it’s easy to see why. The glove is comfortable, built to cope with multiple years of usage, and will keep your hands warm when the temperature drops in the mountains.

Hestra Heli Ski Glove

Reasons to buy it: Classic ski glove, trusted by professionals, comfortable, durable

Price: £120 / €135 / $155

Size: 5-13


The Hestra Heli Glove is thought of so highly in the world of skiing that you probably wouldn’t have to look too far before you found someone willing to look you in the eye, and tell you it’s the greatest ski glove ever made. Skiing professionals have been trusting Swedish brand Hestra to deliver the goods for decades now, and the Heli Glove has played a huge part in securing that trust. It’s an elite bit of kit.

Not a new kid on the block by any stretch, the fact the Heli is still considered one of the best ski gloves around is testament to just how good it is. Comfortable and functional in equal measure, the hybrid leather and synthetic construction here remains virtually unmatched by any of Hestra’s rivals.

“Not a new kid on the block… the fact the Heli is still considered one of the best ski gloves around is testament to just how good it is”

By ticking all of the important boxes in terms of build quality and warmth, at a price point that’s lower than some other notable high-end gloves, Hestra have shown that acquiring the most brilliant gear doesn’t always come down to simply buying the most expensive item there is.

Just like with nearly every other single Hestra product, the Heli utilises quite a bit of leather in its build. Naturally, because of this, it’s an extremely durable product that can more than hold its own in the big outdoors. The flip side of this, however, is that you will need to reapply a leather conditioner to the glove’s palm and fingers ever so often. For some of you, that will sound like too much of a hassle and that’s fair enough. Those of you though who don’t mind doing a bit of kit maintenance now and then, especially when the result is ongoing usage of a superb ski glove, should step right this way.

Dakine Titan GTX Short Glove

Reasons to buy it: Protective, affordable, touch screen compatible, some good features

Price: £60 / €60 / $80

Size: S-XXL


When it comes to the best gloves for skiing around ski resorts in, there’s a reason the Dakine Titan and Dakine Sequoia (women’s glove) are always right near the top of the tree when it comes to sales. Why? Well, it’s because they’re very good at what they do without charging the world for it. The Dakine Titan GTX Short keeps it simple, and keeps hands nice and warm as a result. It’s a glove built for season-long use, a glove which won’t go down without fight.

The Titan GTX Short Glove is rocking a water repellent and durable shell, that’s backed up by a Gore-Tex insert with warmth-bolstering and waterproof Gore Warm. Because there’s a removable Storm Liner glove with touch screen compatibility here, you’re able to send messages to your snow crew without sacrificing your hands to the meteorological menace known as Jack Frost in the process. This clever setup also makes drying off your gloves easier after an intense day on the sloes.

“If the forecast is looking particularly icy, be sure to utilise this aspect of the glove”

The Rubbertec palm provides a pretty durable and confident-enhancing grip. While we’re discussing this glove’s features, it’s worth mentioning that we’re particularly fond of the water-resistant zipper stash. It’s ideal for storing valuables like keys and cash, but also performs excellently as a heat pack pocket. If the forecast is looking particularly icy, be sure to utilise this aspect of the glove. You won’t regret it.

Of course, the Dakine Titan isn’t perfect (no glove is). It’s not as warm as some of the other gloves on this list (pop a heat pack in that pocket on cold days), and it maybe isn’t hitting the same heights in terms of dexterity and durability as some of its rivals here. That being said, at its relatively affordable price point it’s still a product worth considering. There’s loads about it that we like, and we think you’ll like it too.

Picture Organic Madson Glove

Reasons to buy it: Sustainability-minded brand, breathable, waterproof, comfortable

Price: £60 / €65

Sizes: 7-12


When it comes to considerations around the sustainability of skiing and snowboarding, few ski brands feel quite as switched on to it all as Picture Organic Clothing. Take the Madson glove, for example. Not only does the glove pack a lovely brushed fleece lining, and more than enough insulation for the chilly piste days, it also features recycled polyester and PFC-free water repellency. Picture Organic are always thinking about ways to minimise the impact their outdoor gear has on the outdoor spaces we cherish, and that should be applauded. Performance, of course, is important but it shouldn’t be the only factor.

“When it comes to considerations around the sustainability of skiing and snowboarding, few ski brands feel quite as switched on to it all as Picture Organic Clothing”

It won’t be for everyone, obviously, but we like the low profile fit offered by the Madson. We especially like the way the palms ‘stick’ to ski poles. It all feels reassuringly grippy, and should put to rest any fears you have re: randomly letting go of your gear when you’re on the move. The breathable and waterproof membrane here is also impressive, and will keep things dry and comfortable inside the glove. Hats off to Picture as well for the ‘feel’ of the adjustable cuffs, the wrist loop, and the zippered pocket on the back of each glove. They’re little things, but these little things can tip the scales when buying winter gloves.

Dainese HP Ergotek Pro

Reasons to buy it: Bombproof, highly protective, elite-level build quality, smart piece of engineering

Price: £230

Size: XS-XXL


The Dainese HP Ergotek Pro might look like something you’d find on the hand of a Harkonnen, but don’t let its vaguely sinister appearance put you off. This glove is a bombproof option for skiers who want to charge hard and fast. Engineered for the ski racers amongst us, off the back of in-depth feedback from elite athletes and Olympic medallists, these gloves will protect your hands like nothing else.

“The Ergotek technology is the innovative headline act in this glove”

The Ergotek technology is the innovative headline act in this glove. It protects the wearer’s knuckles with independent and ergonomically shaped outer plates. Ultimately, this means the skier’s hands are well protected but not in a way that compromises on the freedom to move fingers. In a way that perhaps underlines the type of elite skiers this glove is built for, everything about the Ergotek Pro is elite level. Your hands, for example, will be kept warm by always reliable PrimaLoft.

With its RRP well above £200, and its all-in focus on a very particular type of skiing, it’s not much of a stretch to say this evil-looking glove won’t be suitable for everyone. If you take your ski racing seriously however, and need something that’s been engineered with the fine margins of high-level downhill competition very much at the forefront, this clever glove from Dainese is about as good as it gets.

Wedze Downhill Ski Glove

Reasons to buy it: Surprisingly functional budget option, affordable, does the job

Price: £20

Size: XS-XXL


People who constantly moan about Decathlon and Wedze are, objectively speaking, some of the most boring people you’ll ever encounter. Of course, their products aren’t going to match up on quality when lined up next to some of the more illustrious outdoor brands but that’s alright. The brand’s products sit at a price point that reflects this. They’re a great gateway option for people looking to get into the outdoors, but who find themselves put off by how expensive much of the gear can be. As we discovered when we tested out the Quechua ‘2 Seconds Easy’ Camping Tent, their stuff can also be legitimately good.

“Aimed at skiers who are just starting out and want something that’ll hold up well over the course of a week”

Take the Wedze Downhill Ski Glove, for example. At just £19.99, it delivers nice insulation in a relatively waterproof and durable package. Needless to say, it’s not designed to take on the backcountry and come away from rocky traverses unscathed but then you surely knew that already. Instead, this glove is aimed at skiers who are just starting out and want something that’ll hold up well over the course of a week cruising around the resort. It’s basically the perfect ski glove for beginners.

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