The Best Road Trip Games For Long Journeys

Road trips can be great fun, but a 200-mile drive can take its toll and you're going to need some games to keep the whole vehicle entertained. Here's our list of the best road trip games to play on long journeys

This list of road trip games could save your entire journey from going south. Whether it’s a family road trip you’re on or a road trip with friends, you’ll find some fun games to play in the car / campervan here.

The classic road trip is a staple of the adventure culture. From Kentucky to Kent, people love going on a big drive somewhere new. When done right, road trips are a great human experience. However, more often than not, a key component is overlooked when planning for them; in-car entertainment.

No, we are not talking about music choices (although very important) or portable DVD players. We are talking about reliable road trip games that everyone can get involved in. Here is our journey-saving list of the best road trip games to be had on the highways.

I Spy

I Spy with my little eye…a classic road trip game for families and friends.

A much-loved classic, this game is a saviour when it comes to entertainment on the roads. I Spy is a fantastic way to take in all the scenery as you keep everyone guessing with what you can see through the windscreen.

The rules for this one have always been simple. Pick something that you can see and tell people what the first letter is (“I Spy with my little eye something beginning with…”). Then, get everyone to guess what you’ve seen. Whatever you do, don’t break the golden rule by selecting something you glanced at miles back. It will get you disqualified and, quite possibly, ejected from the car.

20 Questions

50 Cent and Nate Dogg had 21 questions. We’re going one less with 20 questions, an elite road trip game that can be varied to suit any audience. Players pick a person, and the other passengers have to guess who it is using no more than 20 “yes or no” questions. Going for celebrities is what often keeps the game flowing, but don’t be afraid to throw in a curveball to really confuse your mates and keep them guessing.

The Car Colour Game

Traffic will inevitably slow down the proceedings of your road trip, that’s for sure, but what if we told you that you could turn it into a road trip memory? You probably wouldn’t believe us, but once you learn the way of the Car Colour Game, that will all change, and you’ll find yourself getting strangely excited for seeing other cars on the road.

Depending on how many people are playing, each person picks a colour car and then keeps a score tally of how many they see. The winner is the person who sees the most of their colour. It’s just that simple, but it’s fun and once more very competitive. You will find yourself becoming infuriated about just how many pink and orange cars are on the road. You thought it was a shoo-in to go for black, but now you’ve lost to your seven-year-old and have to think of a reason to ground him for it.

Quiet Game

Whether it’s dad making the fatal mistake of giving too much sugar to the kids or a drive with that one friend who refuses to come up for air, the Quiet Game is your blessing in disguise.

It’s a solution that works in a flash. In seconds, you can restore peace in the backseats by saying, “Should we play a game of who can stay quiet for the longest?”

Like magic, you’ll be able to hear those thoughts again and take in all the views around you.

The Word Association Game

The Word Association Game starts with (you guessed it) a single word. Once the first person says a word, it goes round clockwise, with each person coming up with something that has some correlation to the previous word.

Need an example? ‘Passenger A’ might go with ‘bird’, ‘Passenger B’ might follow that with ‘sky’, and ‘Passenger C’ could then play a blinder and go with ‘cloud’.

Would You Rather?

Would You Rather is a game that can be played in many social situations. It can be used for family-friendly fun, or it can have a slightly more adult twist – especially if you’re playing with crude friends. Either way, fun can always be had in this game and it can bring up some great conundrums.

For example, would you rather drink gone off milk or listen to Taylor Swift on repeat for a week? Give me a glass, and let’s have done with it.

The Name Game

A lovely road trip game that will only add to the journey. The Name Game can be about countries, TV, songs, or just about anything. If the category is fruit, the first person might say fig. This will prompt the next player to then name another fruit, starting with the last letter of the previous fruit. For example, they might go with grape to keep the chain going.

Repeated words aren’t allowed, and you also can’t make up stuff as well. It doesn’t matter how good a liar you are. Sure, a snazzleberry might sound like it’s sold in Whole Foods but it could be your friend trying to pull a fast one.

Scavenger Hunt

Feel like a pirate of the highways with the Scavenger Hunt game. Before setting off, create a list of things to spot on the journey (this will act as the ‘treasure’ in this road trip game).

For example, a sheep, a police car, a traffic light, a petrol station, etc. This will keep your passengers nice and entertained. In fact, this one is especially good for keeping kids quiet. Just don’t be surprised if they ask you for some real treasure upon completion.

Car Cricket

England should play this on the roads of New Delhi. It’s a game of cricket they might actually win but, then again, India would probably still beat them.

The rules for this one are not that hard to understand, and it’s the perfect game if you’re on a rural road trip. The first person to ‘bat’ scores runs when a vehicle passes. White cars are worth one run, with coloured cars being scored as two runs. Campers will see you score four runs, and trucks will be that all-important six. If you see a red car, that means you’re out and lose your go. Also, for any runs to count, the cars / campers / trucks must be travelling in the opposite direction.

The first player to reach 100 runs is declared the winner. If no one reaches a century, then the player with the most runs on the scoreboard wins it all. If you see a duck on your road trip, then you’re out for the entire game and must accept defeat.

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